News: fix for v1.27.3, libjodycode 4 work

I’ve backported a fix in the current development version of jdupes to v1.27.3 which avoids losing the existing hash database on a write failure:

This fix writes out the in-memory hash database to a new temporary file, then removes the existing database and renames the temporary file to the original file name. If anything goes wrong during creation of the new database then the original database is not overwritten or deleted. I ran into this issue because the disk I was deduplicating ran out of disk space and the hash database file was destroyed as a result. I’ve emailed the patch to several jdupes distribution package maintainers but I can’t possibly find everyone. This patch should be applied for anyone who is distribution v1.27.3 anywhere.

I’ve been working on a major update to libjodycode and I’ve converted most of the file management functions called by jdupes that need Windows-specific support into libjodycode wrapper functions. Most of the functions simply pass through the call on non-Windows platforms. I’m hoping to have a few more basic functions ready to go before libjodycode 4 is officially released.